The Most Popular Songs

Fúsi Halldórs – The Most Popular Songs (JRCD008)
An incredible amount of songs by Sigfús Halldórsson – or Fúsi as he is known by most – have become a part of the popular Icelandic culture. These songs, so effortlessly sung by the Icelandic people for years, have made Fúsi a national treasure. On this album, the highlights of Fúsi’s song writing are performed by some of Iceland’s best known singers, and Björn Thoroddsen orchestrates a terrific band that makes the songs sound more relevant than ever.

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1.   Tondeleyó (vocal: Egill Ólafsson)
2.   Við Vatnsmýrina (vocal: Andrea Gylfadóttir)
3.   Í grænum mó (vocal: Stefán Hilmarsson)
4.   Litla flugan (vocal: Egill Ólafsson)
5.   Dagny (vocal: Stefán and Hera Björk)
6.   Játning (vocal: Hera Björk Þórhallsdóttir)
7.   Sommerens sidste blomster (vocal: Andrea Gylfadóttir)
8.   Hvers vegna? (vocal: Stefán Hilmarsson)
9.  Þín hvíta mynd (vocal: Hera Björk Þórhallsdóttir)
10. Íslenskt ástarljóð (vocal: Egill Ólafsson)
11. Lítill fugl (vocal: Hera Björk Þórhallsdóttir)
12. Við eigum samleið vina mína (vocal: Hera and Stefán)
13. Vegir liggja til allra átta (vocal: Stefán Hilmarsson)

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