La vita con te

La vita con te / Life with you
– Delizie Italiane (JRCD009)
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On this album, the main focus is on Icelandic songs that have been given Italian lyrics. Some of them are translations from the Icelandic original, but most are completely new, although the lyrical content is usually the same – i.e. love and life. Two Italian songs are also on the album; Innamorati and Che sará, as both have become popular in Iceland with Icelandic lyrics. Here they are performed in the original Italian. The trio’s lead singer, Leone Tinganelli, also contributes three of his own songs. Read more about the trio

1.  ´O BLUES ´E LOLA (Braggablús)
2.  RASSEGNATI (Það sýnir sig)
3.  COME DUE STELLE IN CIELO (Tvær stjörnur)
4.  CHE SARÁ (Góða ferð)
5.  DONNA (Kona)
6.  LA VITA CON TE (Það er gott að elska)
7.  VENGO STANOTTE (Komdu í kvöld)
8.  NINA (Nína)
10.INNAMORATI (Ég fer í fríið)
11.I TUOI OCCHI BLU (Bláu augun þín)

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