Rain on me rain

Rain on me rain - frontur Rain on me rain
– Andrea Gylfa & Bluesmen (JRCD010)

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An album that has been eagerly awaited for several years. Andrea’s prior blues-album, simply titled “Andrea & Bluesmen”, was released in 1998 and has been unavailable for several years. This new album contains two new songs by Andrea along with immortal blues classics, performed with gusto by Andrea and the Bluesmen.

1.  I´m a woman
2.  Crazy he calls me
3.  I put a spell on you
4.  My man stands out
5.  Shine on me shine
6.  I´m wild about that thing
7.  Little girl blues
8.  Fine and mellow
9.  I´m a fool to want you
10.Black coffee
11.The blues ain´t nothing

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