BT & Luther

BT & Luther is a jazzband that performes the music of Martin Luther (1483-1546), as arranged by Björn Thoroddsen. It is rarely heard of that jazz musicians use the music of Luther as a part of their ouevre as only a few of the psalms are well-known by the public. Martin Luther was not afraid to make use of the musical innovations of his time and he held relationships with some of the greatest composers of the era.

The fruits of these collaborations can be heard on the CD,  Björn Thoroddsen &  Luther. Luther was also keen on changing and updating older music and there are examples of Luther taking a psalm, written ca. 1000 AC, rewriting it and then making it his own. Björn Thoroddsen follows this same procedure used by Luther 500 years ago; rewriting some of Luther’s work, updating it for our time and making some of them his own.

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