My main upright-bass is a ¾ German flatback made in the 1920´s, -luthier unknown. I am the third owner of this instrument. I use a DPA 4099 microphone and The Realist Acoustic Transducer and a french bow.

A fretless acoustic bass made by Chris Larkin, – fantastic instrument which has become one of my main instruments.  Take a look at

A Yamaha SlB200 silent electric upright. I use this bass a lot and always when travelling. Bringing a Double Bass in a flight case for check in at airports is not very popular so this bass has really made my life easier, – it´s a great instrument, easy to play, sounds good both for pizz and arco. I highly recommend this instrument.

Lundgaard amp –  it´s a 550w two channel amp with a 10“speaker.
Check on and you can see it on the front page, – a great amp with a warm acoustic sound and it´s easy to carry, just 8 kgs

Acoustic Image; Clarus 1 amp and a Coda EX speaker

On the upright bass – Velvet Anima
On the Yamaha SLB200 Silent – Velvet Compass Blue

On the Chris Larkin bass – Thomastic acoustic

Read more about the Velvet strings

Lemur Music

David Gage String Instruments

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